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Cocos2d For XNA

This is the project page for the Cocos2d XNA port. The official page is located at where you can also donate to the project. The most up to date source is hosted on github ( Please use this project page for discussions related to the XNA port of Cocos2d.

Cocos2d is a UI framework that runs on mobile devices. The original concepts for Cocos2d where designed around iOS and the early iPhone devices. Today, Cocos2d has been ported to nearly every possible mobile and desktop experience. The project you are visiting today is specific to XNA, the Microsoft game platform which is available on XBox 360, iOS, Android, Play Station Mobile, Linux, Windows 8, Windows Surface, and the Ouya box.

If you are targeting a platform other than Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 (and earlier), or XBox 360, then you will need an implementation of XNA. We have tested the framework quite extensively with Mono Game 3 (, but you could try ExEn or Delta (

Otherwise, you will need to have the Windows Phone 7 SDK installed along with the XNA 4 Game Studio (refresh). If you intend to deploy your build to an actual device market, then you need to purchase a Professional license for Visual Studio 2010 or later.

This framework also works with Windows 8 and Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, all of which run on a 3rd party DirectX implementation of XNA. We've only seen MonoGame 3 with such an implementation.

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